The Best and Worst Slot Sequels

The Best and Worst Slot Sequels

Slot machines have been a big part of casino gaming for decades, and each year brings new designs and game themes. Many slot machines are based on popular movies, TV shows, bands or books which makes them instantly recognizable to people who have seen the original content. The problem with most slot sequels is that they either have no connection to the original theme and therefore aren’t very fun or entertaining, or they use licensed characters from the original work but don’t do anything interesting with them.

The best slot sequel I’ve ever played was a Lord of the Rings themed slot called “A Long Expected Party.” While it doesn’t feature any of Tolkien’s wonderful fantasy characters like Frodo Baggins or Gandalf the Grey, it does feature all sorts of fun Lord of the Rings imagery and symbols. There are hobbits and wizards to help get you big bonuses, and a wizard’s hat is the game’s wild symbol, so you can expect plenty of exciting wins when playing this excellent slot sequel.

The worst slot sequel I’ve ever played was another Lord of the Rings themed slot called “Legolas Greenleaf.” It also featured many Lord of the Rings characters like Aragorn or Gimli, but they were barely recognizable in their strange cartoonish forms. The fact that Legolas was depicted as some kind of marshmallow person made me feel vaguely uncomfortable whenever he appeared on my screen, and I ended up just leaving the slot game after a few minutes.

Overall, if you’re looking for fun and exciting slot sequels to play, look for games with lots of familiar images or symbols from the original work that inspire memories in you. And if you ever come across Legolas Greenleaf, run far away.

For the past decade, slots have been the biggest moneymakers in land-based casinos—and increasingly, online too. Some slot sequels are better than others, but there are a few things you can keep in mind to help you find the best and avoid the worst:

First of all, look for recognizable characters or elements from the original work. Many of these games will feature licensed content from popular movies, TV shows, bands or books—but it’s not enough to just put those names on your machine. The game should also draw inspiration from that work and maintain what made it successful in the first place.

Secondly, make sure you feel comfortable with how existing characters or story elements are used in the new game. If a franchise you love is turned into a slot game and you’re not happy with how characters look or how they’re used, it might be best to just walk away.

Finally, find out what bonus features the new game offers—often, the most exciting elements of slots are the special mini-games that come up when certain combinations of symbols line up on your screen. These can be completely different from one game to the next, so be sure to check them out before deciding whether to play a slot sequel or not.

If you follow these simple tips, you should have no trouble finding great slot sequels that will bring you hours of excitement and fun!

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